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We know our coast and the accommodation! From the best hotels in Bergen, to luxury mansions in Hardanger, medieval lodging in the coast or boutique hotels in the region.

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Planning the perfect event is all about logistics. To plan a streamlined and effortless event, where all the details are in sync, experience is needed. We handle registrations, flight bookings, transportations, shipping, catering and changes.

This is our speciality.

Personalized planning


No event is similar; this is why we consider every event individually. Communicating with our client is important to us, because through communication we understand what our clients truly want to experience. Our coast has a lot to offer and we do not expect our clients to know everything upon contacting us. It is our job to inform! And we do, because we love for everyone to see the best our region has to offer!

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Photo: Reisemål Hardanger Fjord